DPS Magnet Schools

Nearly half of all schools in DPS are magnets -- which means an extraordinary number of choices for families and their students. Our magnet schools showcase special programming, small sizes and/or year-round calendars, and operate at all levels from K-12.
DPS Magnet Schools serve specific purposes for our school district.  The three purposes are included in the Magnet Guiding Principles adopted by the Board of Education in August of 2011:
  • Utilize school facilities effectively
  • Promote school diversity
  • Provide diverse and relevant program offerings throughout the district that meet student interest and provide expanded learning opportunities 

How do I Apply for a Magnet School?

Students are eligible to enroll in our magnet schools only after completing an application to enter the lottery -- a random selection process that allows families to register their magnet choices and then see if they get accepted. The annual lottery period typically runs through the month of January, with selection notifications going out in March. 
See a list of our magnet schools and quickly visit their websites by clicking on the "schools" icon at the top of this web page. Then select the "Magnets" tab in the box that pops up.
Still have questions? There are handy and informative Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the menu to the left. You can also check out our magnet schools brochure for more information.